File Uploading & Processing Software Gotagger is a powerful & advanced online software whose main aim is to make file processing easy for bloggers or web owner, This amazing online tool makes it very uncomplicated to import files and process them.

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Everything designed to simplify file processing so you can focus on building a successful business.

Audio Encoding

GoTagger allows imports Audio Mp3 from various sources, edit custom tag by adding jingle & album art to the mp3 files.

Video Encoding

Video Encoding has been a big deal for so long, Gottager has provided a simple solution for Encoding to various extensions

File Transfer

Multiple file transfer using the very latest technology! Full support for large files (> 10GB). Files can be imported from various source


Video-sized compressors for free that allow you to reduce the size of different formats and without installing any software.

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Wordpress User? Process Audio and Video Direct from your Website with Gotagger Plugin

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Gotagger is an online file upload, transfer, and processing platform which helps businesses manage their files without having the infrastructure.

Gotagger run on 3 simple processes which are; Upload, Process & Transfer Upload: The process where you import the file you want to run Process: This is where we perform magic with your files by encoding it Transfer: Your processed files get delivered instantly All the 3 process takes less than a minute to perform it operations

As a business or website owner, it’s necessary to get tools that help you scale faster, instead of building your infrastructure from scratch why not integrate with us and get ready within minutes.

We currently limit the file we accept, this is the list of files we currently support on Gotagger; MP3, MP4, OGG, WEBM, MKV, ZIP, PNG, JPG & JPEG. More support will come in the future

This totally depends on the file size or the file extension, assuming you’re processing a 20MB Audio file it will only take a few seconds. While a video MP4 file might take a little bit longer.

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