File Uploading
& Processing Software

Gotagger accept file uploads and imports from various sources, add jingle to mp3 files, watermark video, extract zip files & more.

How We Do it

Our main aim is to make file processing easier.
Breaking it down, we allow users to import MP3, MP4, 3GP, MKV & ZIP from various sources for processing.
You can choose to save your files on our reliable storage drive(Go Drive)

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Upload & Import

Upload file and imports from various sources, including mobile apps, web browsers and URLs.

Process & Convert

File processing for all media types, including images, videos, audio, and zip.

Export & Save to Drive

Export uploads and processed results then save the file to Go Drive for later use.


Embed the file URLs into app, so users can enjoy media files with the best possible quality for their device.

What We Do?

Gotagger is a powerful online software for uploading & processing files.

Go Music

Add jingle, modify embeded artwork and tags on mp3 files.

Go Videos

Add watermark to various positions on video files.

Go Zip

Compress and decompress mp3 zip files.

Go Drive

Save, manage & access files uploaded via URL.

Why Choose Gotagger

Gotagger is an online file processing software. We automate video, image, audio, zip and more. To get started all you need is a file and it will be imported automatically. Your files can be save on our Go Drive or sent to your server

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