What is Gotagger?

Gotagger is a powerful & advanced online software whose main aim is to make file processing easy for bloggers or web owner, This amazing online tool makes it very uncomplicated to import files and process them.

Why is Gotagger awesome? Our main aim is to make file processing easier. Breaking it down, we allow users to import MP3, MP4, 3GP, MKV and ZIP from various sources for processing. You can choose to save your files on our reliable storage drive(Go Drive) or automatically send it to your server within a seconds, You don't need to worry about downloading and re-uploading it as we've solved the problem for you..

Go Drive

Go Drive is a product under, Looking for a secure & easy to use file hosting platform? then Go-Drive is here for you, without stress store your imported files, Edit & Share.

All files hosted on Go Drive will be on our server for life unless the user initiate delete.


Go Audio

GoTagger allows imports Audio Mp3 from various sources, edit custom tag by adding jingle & album art to the mp3 files.

it takes seconds to import & edit after that the files will be communicated to your server and you'll get the download link immediately with your domain name.

Go Video

Importing videos from various sources has been a big deal for so long, Gottager has provided a simple solution that allows you to import video Mp4, MKV, 3gp with just a simple click.

Edit Video tag by adding watermark to video without stress.


Go Album

Go Album tool allows the importing of the Zipped audio file, fast unzip, and get the download link for each Mp3 files within seconds.

The system will send the Mp3 & Zip files to your server immediately.